Tokyo 2021

Tokyo ’20

is now Tokyo twenty-

one, and that’s it.



As someone who enjoys the spectacle of the Olympics every four years, I’m still glad to see they have been postponed due to the global pandemic we know as the coronavirus, though the decision on this very important issue should not have taken so long, when the evidence was right there. Of course, money is involved as neither side, the Japanese organisers nor the IOC wanted to be the ones to pull out of the contract first.    Money is always involved in big sporting occasions of course so there’s no surprise there but most sporting organisations overseeing their respective sports are complying because they know that public health is far more important.   I think the IOC had its hand forced by Canada who stated they would not be sending Team Canada if the games went ahead as scheduled. I think Australia were about to follow suit while other countries were probably considering it if not urging postponement by a few months (it will take a lot longer than that).   Well done Canada for taking such a firm stance.  Japan itself is quite high in the list of countries with the most cases, if not deaths, from this.  We’ve seen the order of this list changes pretty quickly but Japan has been up there all along.    It’s a no-brainer really.

How could athletes who are not really in a position to complete their training or attend warm-up events as it is possibly concentrate and focus on their Olympic goals once it began?  They wouldn’t even be able to fly there in the first place.   I have no idea how disappointing this must be for the athletes concerned but we have all faced obstacles to achieving our goals, and this one is no ordinary obstacle!  I wish the athletes the best when the games do come around, especially the new or lesser-known athletes trying to make their name against the big guns.

In any case, Japan needs to focus on its own fight against the virus and if possible, send help to any countries who might need the necessary equipment, especially what’s called PPE – Personal Protective Equipment – which many countries’ health departments and facilities are currently short of (and can barely afford to purchase sufficient units of without help) because they are overwhelmed by this virus.    Imagine the countries with already weak health care systems and then add the ‘weight’ of this virus.    Japan has already helped China and vice versa  – which will no doubt also help to improve relations between the two countries.

This is a worrying time worldwide economically of course.  People are out of work and self-employed people are struggling as the companies they provide a service to are probably going out of business or have a lot less business to give them.    The OGs are really not a priority at all, nor should any sporting event be at this time.






Corona virus

No joke and not related to

the beer.. or the song!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or at 1600 Pennyslyvania Avenue, this virus is no joke at all*.

It’s really sad that the doctor who raised the alert has since passed away (from contracting it himself). RIP.  This sent shockwaves throughout China, where they struggled to take it seriously at first.

Gatherings, events and national festivities are being cancelled worldwide and travel to the worst affected countries discouraged.  Government directives to stay at home and not go out unnecessarily, and avoid unnecessary travel even within your own country, should be taken seriously.

Japan, like other countries, has cancelled regular sports events – football league games and the like.  Tokyo may have to postpone or cancel the Olympics.   It’s a big deal for the people involved in organising these events to have to cancel, but public health should come first.

Basic advice and directions given by health authorities should be followed at home – if you don’t already have good hygiene habits, and even then there is no harm at all in reminding people – and maybe these good habits could be maintained afterwards? It should not have to take a deadly virus to get people to start adopting good habits when it comes to basic hygiene for handwashing and sneezing/coughing (but sadly it has).

I saw a ‘man up , it’s only the flu’ comment on social media this week trying to downplay the virus, in their response to a scientist giving important advice. Of course there are plenty of know-it-alls out there who don’t necessarily use social media, but social media is unfortunately really powerful in spreading the virus of idiocy. Whether they are scaremongering or downplaying it, there are all types out there (including Presidents who actually think it’s all about them).

If you can’t say anything smart, helpful, or kind, say nothing at all (no matter how powerful a position you hold).

This applies to many areas of life, one being bullying (a big topic recently as well, which I’ll talk about in a future post) but it definitely applies here.

To anyone already affected, take care of yourself.  お大事に。

* Panicking over the name of a beer that happens to be called corona?   Surely a joke poll where 38% of Americans reportedly said they would no longer buy that beer.  As for the song, do you know the one I’m talking about?

Of course the word itself, corona, is a spanish word meaning ‘crown’ – both an item worn by royalty and the metonymic word for royalty – the Crown.

It’s been a while since my last post, the much lighter topic of rugby, right? What an enjoyable, and well-hosted, tournament that was.  Historic in quite a few ways.

I’ve read some good stuff since then so more about that in a later post.

See you all very soon.







The brave blossoms will

no doubt host a great world cup

off the field or on


Well, I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve read a couple of good books from Japan since I last posted and am waiting for another from the library loan system to arrive soon.

More about those and other reads and tv/film in a later post.

The rugby world cup, being hosted by Japan this year, will kick off tomorrow the 20th (it is already the 20th by now in Japan but the match doesn’t start until the late afternoon – 4.45 pm).    This match will be on at a ‘decent hour’ as I like to call it – late morning – here so I’ll be watching it without a doubt.   My support will be a lot more mild this time though because they are in our pool along with another favourite team of mine and only two teams can get out so hopefully mine and either Japan or the other country.   But hey, if the brave blossoms get out of the pool, hopefully with us, I’ll cheer them on with more heart. I also like France and Argentina and hope they both do well but only to a point. And who could not like the All Blacks, no matter how fed up they are of New Zealand winning the world cup and hoping they won’t make it three in a row!  They’re a pretty likeable team.

I see a lot of people protesting the event and protesting against Japan in general because of the controversy over whale hunting.  Well, I am against whale hunting as well and I support the cause generally, but I don’t know how much attention they will get, if any, among the scrum of fans or media passing through Japan for this event.   You have to make a stand against what you believe is wrong though, as long as you’re not hypocritical about it.  I point this out because when Kyushu and other parts of western Japan were suffering from those awful floods a month or two back, I saw nasty comments on a certain social media site I use  about how Japanese people were being punished for whale hunting and that they deserved to suffer.  Some of these were people who claim to care about life.   Think about how many people lost their lives or relatives, livelihoods and more, as a result of these floods you idiots.   That is absolutely ridiculous and very hateful.   People who lead or jump on these bandwagons know that what they are saying is wrong and say it anyway just to get likes from like-minded fools – friends or total strangers. How sad.

So, I will be taking a bit of time out to watch the opening ceremony and the opening match between the hosts and Russia, who they only barely beat a while back, so Russia are no pushovers either I guess. Not that anyone would presume such a thing about Russians! : P and I hope it’s a good match and a great tournament.   Good luck as hosts, and to a certain point on the field, Japan!