Shibui or not shibui that is the question :P

Shibui perhaps not yet

but a bit more time

and I know he will be so.

Delighted to hear that the Japanese remake of Clint Eastwood`s Unforgiven is to be filmed in beautiful Hokkaido.    It will be interesting to see if there is an aspect of the film related to the Ainu people as the film is set back in the 1880s – not long after the Japanese government put in force their plans to assimilate the Ainu (and for assimilate the Ainu, read `force the Ainu to assimilate`) into Japanese culture and  mix Hokkaido into its expansionist measures.  Well, we`ll see soon enough.

Nice also to hear who the main actor is (Ken Watanabe) as he`s really good and I`m sure he`ll do justice to the (remade) role.   In an article in the Japan Times about food-related words which are used to describe people, this actor (KW) is mentioned as an example of someone who is considered `shibui`. I wonder who else among Japanese actors can be called shibui, an adjective for a man who is cool, handsome without being pretty and appeals to both sexes (as in men want to be his friend, I assume, at least, and women of course…. )?  This person also has an `aura of refined masculinity`.  Having watched a load of J-dramas, sadly lacking in shibui-ness, and having seen a fair few Japanese films at this stage (or Japan-related films), I would say the actor Tadanobu Asano who plays Genghis Khan in the film Mongol (which I mentioned in the last post) has that aura about him as well (he`s also in Zatoichi and a film I really want to see, Cafe Lumière).   I`m not gone on long hair in general but on him it looks good and doesn`t hurt his `shibui` status (maybe he doesn`t always have long hair but who knows).  Maybe also Shido Nakamura who`s in Letters from Iwo Jima (the one who was going to blow himself up under an American tank – he played the zealot character so well).  I have seen pictures of Nakamura with either a lot of fake tan or make-up but hopefully it was for a film role!!   A couple of other actors from that film could also be considered shibui (no wonder I bought the dvd – those men are a bonus on top of the fact that it is just a brilliant film which I have added to my list of favourite world war II films).

What I don`t like about various actors on J-dramas – and to be honest I don`t recall the actors` names – and certain Japanese tv films are that they are almost too pretty and not really masculine.   They definitely would not be shibui (from the people I have seen so far).   I watched this drama Last Friends and the actor who appealed to me the most out of the three main guys in the series was the guy who played Takura.   He`s on the verge of being shibui as he is handsome but not in a pretty boy way (also really lanky which, usually, is not my cup of o-cha but his lankiness was actually ok).   Why does he go by the one name only by the way?  I`ve noticed that with mostly female stars in Japan but this guy also uses only his surname.   Was he once a footballer or is he just so popular and famous who cares what his full name is?


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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