A bit of relief…

December second, what fun

J-L-P-T time

Level 3 here I go then.

Well, I`ve let the dedication to studying slip the last few days.   I`d better get a mosy on though.   The deadline is fast approaching for the JLPT submissions and the two months between the submission date and the exam itself are sure to fly.

I`ve decided that I`d be better off going for level 3 this year and leaving level 2 to next year.  The above haiku was done to celebrate this as well as to kick off this post.   I have not yet done any level of this test, so it`s better to start with one I have half a chance at!!   I`ll then have a better understanding of how the exam process works for next year if I decide to do level 2 (though the layout of the exam is slightly different for levels 2 and 1).  The fact that it costs €60 to sit the exam at any level is also a factor.  I don`t want that going to waste, given that I`m not entirely confident I can do level 2 this time round.

Apart from that I`m busy up-skilling in other areas, and keeping in touch with my other languages, so I can`t dedicate every last spare minute to Japanese (though I do enjoy writing about Japan, now that I`ve finally gotten into it, so this blog is going to keep going).

If I get stressed I can always chant this haiku to myself or, better still, picture the image below –  a park on the grounds of a beautiful red-brick building in Sapporo known as the Akarenga, a superb building and beautiful gardens. An oasis amid the business district (just imagine the tower block in the background isn`t there, photoshop it out in your mind).


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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