Fashion time

Fashion in Japan

Quirky, colourful, a show

for all to enjoy

I`m not just talking about the Shinjuku folks here, of all ages, who are famous for their imaginative dress sense.      Fashion is affordable in Japan, though it is a bit artificial at times when you hear of young teenagers going to extreme lengths to afford designer wear.

The more affordable high street brands include Uniqlo but there are individual shops up and down the streets of Japan.   In Sapporo, I did a lot of browsing in Susukino, in second hand shops (Wego was always good for stuff) as well as the shops in the underground mall, and occasionally the shops above ground.  One shop I remember in the vast shopping mall at the train station, was always belting out Beatles songs (it was Comme des Garcons, where I used only ever browse).   Online, Rakuten is a good place to look.

Below is a rather interesting choice of mannequin in the entrance lobby to a shop in the Harajuku (or Shinjuku) area- damn I can`t remember which one.   I must ask my friend whom I was with at the time (it was a few years ago after all).


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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