More, and not so pleasant, information on the Ainu

The Ainu were to

the Shogunate  something to

be gotten rid of.

I decided yesterday to have another read of The Roads to Sata, mentioned in my literature page (literature II).   It`s been a good while since I read it (a few years at least) and so I realised today while reading it that there is a lot of information in it about the Ainu which I had totally forgotten about.     I had no idea for example that the word Shogun is an abbreviation for Seiitai-shogun, which translates as “Great Barbarian-subduing General”, the barbarians at the time being the Ainu (and not the European Christians who came much later).  The Shogunate (basically something of a military dictatorship which ruled Japan in the name of the Emperor) as early as the 8th/9th centuries actually waged genocidal campaigns against the Ainu which is what forced them from their homelands around Japan, and up towards Hokkaido, then known as Ezo.   Good thing I started reading that book again – that will fill a few more holes in my knowledge!!  The name Ezo I actually knew of through my encounter with Matsuo Bashõ, mentioned in another post about the recovering Tohoku region, but I had totally forgotten all this information.  Thank you Mr Booth.

Wow, I think I`ll have to stay away from history for a while and make my next post a light one!!


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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