Neighbourly relations gone (even more) sour

China and Japan

not very friendly these days

towards each other

Well, it seems things are heating up between the two giants of Asia over this Senkaku/Diaoyu island issue.    Japan is calling in support from the US of A on this one who are obliged to butt in.   Of course, their relationship with the US can be considered ambiguous but, in this case, they have to leave that go for the moment.  The leadership in either country on this issue is not exactly inspiring so maybe intervention is necessary.  Reports in the paper are making it sound like the beginning of World War III but what do you expect from the media.  Nonetheless, the diplomats involved can hopefully work their stuff and keep the ticking bomb from going off.

I put `even more` in brackets because even though they get on well trade-wise and tourism wise* and so on, and like I said in a previous post the average Chinese and Japanese person on the street might think well of each other (I don`t have any surveys to back this up unfortunately), there is bitterness  lingering underneath the surface and they have a love-hate relationship with each other on a national level.   And now this island dispute has come to the surface (no pun intended), the situation is visible to more people than usual.    All eyes will be on China and Japan pretty soon if these diplomats don`t take care of it.  Syria?  Where`s that????  (I`m not making light of the Syrian situation or anything but it`s a fickle world folks).

* Well, trade-wise not so much now that factories are being forced to close down in China, though the women are still buying their Japanese brands it seems.    Tourism wise, the Chinese tourists are still queuing up at the immigration in Narita, as they have done for years, even decades.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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