Tut tut Japan

Japan why must you

spend your money on something

so controversial?

It seems Japan, not for the first time, is using money that was meant for the reconstruction of the Tohoku region on other things.  These involve whale research (ways of avoiding whale hunting I hope, which is very controversial), training prison inmates (to do what? build houses I hope) and nuclear technology (maybe that is going to improve the nuclear power stations, if Japan must continue with that type of power, but I doubt it`s that type of nuclear issue considering who their neighbours are) and trillions of yen are going into these areas.

What about Tohoku?  A place like Haiti, with not a lot of money or power, needs help from other countries to get over the earthquake in 2010, and thankfully it is getting it, but Japan has its own money and can`t spend it on their own regions and people in need of it (like the people living in temporary shelter I mentioned in the Matsuo Bashõ post).  It`s also strange when you consider Japan is always one of the first countries to help out disaster-stricken countries (including Haiti, I bet) but then their own people?  Nyah…

I know Japan is having problems with China and other neighbours at the moment (gun spraying Taiwanese boats is the latest) but this isn`t going to attract support.

I hope the Japanese people protest this foolishness in the `shaking off of apathy` spirit I mention in my Ode to Japan page.

I read this in my national newspaper, and not a Japanese online newspaper, and despite what I said about the media exaggerating things, I was spurred to comment on this, given that I`ve previously heard of this happening (so it can`t be totally incorrect).


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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