News for today …

Exorcisms, cults, 

executions and disputes

the news for today!!

The news that Japan has executed two people, including one woman from a cult for murdering people she and her accomplices were trying to carry out exorcisms on, is interesting indeed.    Not the same cult that committed that gas attack on the subway that time but worrying enough.   Speaking of that cult, the police finally made progress on that case a few months ago by arresting the right-hand woman, and partner I think, of the main leader who has still managed to elude capture and thus justice.   Apparently, capital punishment has got public support in Japan according to opinion polls but I don`t know how seriously you can take those.   Japan apparently has carried out seven executions in total this year and there are 131 people on death row in Japan.    I`m not sure what I think of capital punishment.  On one hand, it`s an eye for an eye but on the other hand, does it actually solve anything or prevent other murders happening?  Nope.

In other news, the Japan-China dispute over those islands is getting worse and I read today that the  Chinese Foreign Minister predicts that the US won`t get involved physically, meaning I assume that their army won`t get involved, even though they have a base down in Okinawa (part of the ambiguity I mentioned in an earlier post – the nationalist Japanese politicians don`t really want the US armed forces to continue having a base in Japan but at this time they`re actually calling on the support of this very same army).   So whether that happens or not, I don`t know, but let`s hope they get this situation sorted.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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