Beer making time… no not really.

Sapporo beer is

quite the delicious beer and

here it all started.

Well, I see that some people found my blog through a search on which beer is better, sapporo or asahi, and I`m afraid it would not have been much help to them in their query.   But do come back and visit again.  Anyhow, I`ve just decided to post a pic or two of the old Sapporo Beer factory and recommend people go over and visit that part of Sapporo.  Pity the weather was so bad the day I went and took a picture but it does give that sense of gloom that you expect with factory chimneys.    I considered fiddling with the settings of the photo to make it brighter but it would have ruined that gloomy atmosphere.  The second picture is a bit brighter at least.   I love the red-brick buildings.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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