waza waza

waza waza is

a grammar form I can claim

`expressly` to like.

Well I found this waza waza in an N3 grammar list I looked up online for my upcoming JLPT exam.   I can expressly state I`ve never seen it in use before as I would have added it to my list of great Japanese words/expressions.    It is an adverb though that in English or in Japanese I am unlikely to use often.  I never say `expressly` in English so I am not likely to use it in Japanese either even though in Japanese it has a casual sound to it.  In English it can sound snotty sometimes (I expressly stated …..) but it can replace `definitively` making it less snotty.

It seems I have a bit of work to do for N3, as looking through this list there are other grammar forms I either have not seen before (like waza waza) or I don`t use enough in my already limited communication with native speakers.  They say that the JLPT stuff is not stuff you would use in ordinary daily conversation anyway, well at level 3 and above, so I don`t feel too bad but even so… I don`t think I`d use waza waza in a chat with my Japanese friends.   To me it doesn`t have the same formal tone as `expressly` may carry but to a Japanese person, it might be different.

Any comments from other students of Japanese are welcome.  Especially if you`re a word nerd like me!!


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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