Cuddle café? No thanks…

Japan has its quirks 

but this is just bizarre … and 

somewhat disturbing. 

I read a feature in an on-line newspaper yesterday about a `co-sleeping specialty shop`.  Or a cuddle cafe as the author preferred to call it.  Whatever you want to call it, what a strange idea and potentially very dangerous.   This is one aspect of Japan`s unusual cafe culture which has been taken too far.  There is no sex involved.  Well that`s the idea. I wonder how well they`ll supervise that. It`s advertised for men who want to sleep beside a beautiful woman, no matter how young she is.   Apparently, one `item on the menu` is that the man and woman can lie staring at each other.  Wierd.   I`d just start laughing if I was the woman on the menu (I never win staring matches).  Another option is a man can massage a woman`s foot/feet for a certain price.   Even wierder.    They have a `delivery service` too and worse high-school age girls can apply to be `on the menu` i.e. work there.  That`s the worst part of it in my opinion.

I kind of get`cat cafés` where people who can`t keep cats in their own place get to go to a cafe and play with a cat.   I`m not a fan of cats so you`d never see me in one of these places and I think they`re wierd (the cafés I mean, though cats too are pretty wierd to me) but I get it given that people may not have enough humane space in their homes for a cat to wander around when they`re at work or else they don`t have time or money to dedicate to keeping a cat.   Actually a lot of landlords of apartments/houses in Japan won`t allow people to keep pets.  But maybe some people are just not responsible enough to keep a pet and only want the cuddles and not the bother of feeding them?

Apparently, there are rabbit cafes as well.  Imagine the population rise in those places if the rabbits got sight of each other and started getting together….   I know Japan needs a baby boom (as the elderly far outnumber the young in Japan), but people-wise not rabbit-wise.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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