Another two films…

Adding to my list 

of top Japanese films is

an on-going thing.

Well, I`ve been away for the last couple of days, but now I`m back and with two more films to add to my ever-growing collection.    One, which I had seen before on television, is called Afterlife (in Japanese, it was called Wonderful Life, ワンダフルライフ) and another, which I hadn`t heard of until I saw it in the shop, is Nobody Knows.   I bought them both on Friday and watched the latter film the same evening.

It`s a shocking film as anyone who has seen it will know.   I was shocked and saddened by it and apparently it was inspired by a true story from 1988.   That said, it`s a really good film and the child actors, especially the main child actor, were all really good.    The mother`s character was unbelievable.  That`s all all I`m going to say about it though as I don`t want to spoil it.   It really shows you another side of Japan that people do not hear of (a bit like my own country, where vulnerable children just do not get the right kind of attention).   Well, they don`t hear of it unless they`re inclined to read news from Japanese papers.  As I said the other day, there are some shocking news reports about child abuse and neglect and even killing of children by their own parents, so unfortunately it`s representative of life for certain Japanese children right now.

Afterlife is about newly deceased people lingering between death and the afterlife who are given a chance, by their guides at this point (between death and the afterlife) to recreate their favourite moments in life by making it into a film and starring in it, before passing on to the other side for good.   It`s by the same director actually as Nobody Knows.   Really unusual premise for a film and really good.  I`m `dying` to watch it again : )


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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