Beware of chikans…

Thinking of my list 

of top Japanese films should

I add another?

.. cos I`ve just watched another film called I just didn`t do it.    A film examining the pretty awful `justice` system in Japan through the story of a young man accused of being a chikan – a groper.   The main protagonist, the accused, seems to be a really good actor.  He was also in Letters from Iwo Jima – Ryo Kase, a real intense looking guy – and then there`s Kõji Yakusho who`s always good in anything I see him in.

I don`t know if I would add this to my list of all-time favourites but I will add it to my list anyway.   Even though it was quite slow-going, it was a good insight into the legal system and it was carefully researched by the director involved.   If anyone has any interest in studying law in Japan, they might watch this …. and think again.

Another film on my list in the Film Homage page which features a court case, is Sway (Yureru in Japanese) for any legal-minded fans of Japan.

Chikans – men who grope, or gropers – are a serious issue in Japan.  There are some trains which have female only carriages in certain parts of Japan as a result.  I don`t remember any from Sapporo, or I don`t remember hearing of any anyway, but perhaps there was a system up there as well.   The strange thing about this film is that it showed that men who own up to it after being pulled in by the police just pay a fine, and then go back home as if nothing happened and then get to return and do the same thing the next day to some other poor girl/woman.    Who could blame a woman who sees the same pervert on the train the day after having reported him, for thinking `What`s the point?`.   The men who protest their innocence get a much harder time from the legal system they, perhaps naively, have faith in.  They are encouraged to confess to something they haven`t done by being cited the different penalties they could face – according to the `seriousness` of the grope.  As if any type of touching by a perv is not `serious` enough for a woman.   “Oh you didn`t go inside her underwear?  Oh well you can pay less/do less time then” is effectively what they are told.

I should say, there may have been men who have been groped as well but mostly it`s women.

I think I`ll watch my Afterlife film tomorrow night.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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