Afterlife is a

film about death and about 

the importance of…

… memories you collect during your lifetime.   It`s a good film which looks at the value of memories.   The recently deceased characters in the film are asked to think of one resounding memory from their lifetime which will then be made into a film.  After they view the end product, they then move onto the afterlife with only that one treasured memory and no other memories.   One guy refuses to pick a memory and others have problems picking one.   The people who interview the recently deceased are people who themselves could not choose one and so have been stuck in this limbo since their death.

Well done to Kore-eda for directing such a thought-provoking film. The actors are quite good and one I recognised was the thirteenth `samurai` from the film Thirteen Samurai, from 2010.  He was equally eccentric in this film, a very intelligent character, who questions the role of memories and why he has to pick just one over others.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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