No Nobel

So Murakami

has been beaten to the prize

by Mo Yan, oh well…

Haruki Murakami was one of the nominees for the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature but it went to an author by the name of Mo Yan.  I`ve been reading about this Chinese writer today and his works look really good.  I`m definitely going to get a couple, starting I think with The Garlic Ballads. When I was looking through his list of novels, I vaguely recognised the title Red Sorghum which was made into a film about 15 25 years ago by a well-known Chinese director.   I haven`t seen the film either but both the book and the film sound good (I know the imperial army of Japan are seen in it and naturally in a negative way but all the same, if you like a book you like it and that`s it).

Congratulations to Mo Yan and commiserations to the other writers, especially Murakami whose books I`ve enjoyed so far.

In other Nobel Prize news, a Japanese scientist shares the prize for medicine(/biology?) with a British scientist for his research into stem cells.  おめでとうございます。

All winners get their actual prize in December, as most people know.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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