Haiku reflections on Japan


 Mount Fuji you are

to me a mountain with great

enigma indeed

I looked into climbing Mount Fuji while I was in Japan but in the end I decided against it and bought a fridge magnet  instead with the image of this mountain.  I have climbed mountains before that were only half Mount Fuji`s size and I got giddy as hell going up both of them.   I also had to take an overnight rest at the first one and the view at the end wasn`t much to shout about as it was really foggy.  That one was Tai Shan in China (one of China`s five sacred mountains).  The other one was a mountain in Vietnam, overlooking Halong Bay.

Memories of these two mountains left me deciding against climbing Mount Fuji.   It`s really a lottery whether you get a worthy view once you get up there.  I might change my mind one day though who knows.

I`m thinking of Mount Fuji now because I read an article today about an 80 year old Japanese man who is hoping to break the record for being the oldest person to climb Mount Everest.  He had already done it at 75 years of age making him the oldest at the time but then had the title taken from him by a 76 year old man (from another Asian country I think).  So now he`s decided to reclaim his title as oldest person to hit Mount Everest, at the age of 80, so good luck to him.   I just hope the Sherpas accompanying him have a better time of it than the ones who accompanied him back in 1970 on a Mount Everest expedition, when he decided to ski down it.    Eight of them were reported to have died.  Apart from him, there is also a Japanese woman who is aiming to climb either Everest or another mountain, probably as the world`s oldest woman to do so.  And anyone see the Japanese dressage team during the Olympics?  There was a man on the team who was 71 or something.   I actually missed his event but I had read about him and seen a photo of him a few weeks before that.  Very graceful and elegant man who had competed at the Tokyo Olympics back in 1964 and maybe won.  I don`t think he did too well this time around but I like that aspect of the Olympics that encourages people of a more mature age to participate, in certain events anyway.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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