kachi kachi


you`re making some sense with a 

month and some to go.

Oh to self-study.   Hard to keep up the motivation sometimes but an hour or so each day makes me feel like I`m getting somewhere.  Between the web and the occasional reference to books, I`m learning more than I thought I would.  A bit of revision of stuff I learned earlier has been necessary as always but that serves as an extra bonus to my confidence when I remember the tricky stuff.

The JLPT sites are good enough but some of them contradict each other in their information.  I use them though because I don`t want to fork out loads of money on books that might take forever to arrive from the online site they`re bought from.   I think I have what I need in any case.

I just got my test voucher back in the post today with the time and date of the exam.  Although I knew the date of the exam (just under  a month and a half away now – tick tock tick tock), I didn`t know the time which they said they would inform us of with the returned test vouchers.  Good to know it`s at a decent time of the morning.  Not as early as 9.00 – bad time for exams I think.

The Japanese for the tick-tock of a clock is `かちかちなる音` (kachi kachi naru oto), so by itself it`s `かちかち` / kachi kachi.  Kachi kachi can also mean `frozen solid`.  Hopefully though my brain won`t freeze on the day of the exam!!


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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