Japanese florals anyone?

Florals, usually

not my thing regarding clothes

but the odd time? Yes.

Well, I was browsing the website of one of my preferred newspapers the other day and there`s a section in the life and style section called How to Wear….. (fill in particular style of clothes item that`s in fashion) where as the title explains, a certain item is highlighted with suggestions on what to wear it with, by the fashion journalist/stylist whose feature it is.  She`s usually wearing an article of said clothing/footwear herself.  I usually skip this feature because I like to trust my own judgement on what to wear what with – if I even like a trend that is – and secondly the clothes are usually from some real expensive designer(s) and only occasionally go high street.

However,  the other day, the headline was Japanese Florals so that caught my interest (yeah obsessed I know).  Anyway, most of the items she picked off her expensive rail with this design weren`t that nice (the last item was particularly awful and she said herself it didn`t really fall in to the JF category) but the dress the girl herself was wearing was really nice and I just hoped she would say where it came from (or how much it cost more importantly).   But she didn`t.  Which is disappointing.   Why go to the bother of wearing something in the video that relates to what you are talking about, if you`re not going to tell people where you got what you`re wearing (and more importantly, if it`s expensive, where you can get a cheaper version of it)??!!  That`s sooo annoying.   She didn`t even refer once to the dress she was wearing.  Maybe she wanted to keep it a secret.  Ever heard of `caring is sharing`?  Anyway, usually she has an article on the particular fashion item following the video but it wasn`t yet up so maybe she hadn`t got around to doing that.   I haven`t checked since but I hope she has now or that someone has asked her about this dress.   It was really pretty and in colours I like.   Fingers crossed because to be honest I wouldn`t go to the bother of doing this myself even though I have an account with that online newspaper so I can log on and make comments on articles and stuff.  I might just do it this time though.

Still on Japanese florals, I was browsing in a clothes shop today, hoping to find a blouse with a collar that would go under a nice `eyelash` jumper I have and was about to give up thinking the blouses I saw too flouncy to go under a jumper when I found a nice one which I thought really pretty so I bought it.  It`s a sheer kind of fabric and has a floral design around the sides and on the sleeves but the middle and the back are kind of a strange off white/cream look (i can`t really describe the main colour).  As it`s sheer, a camisole/vest (whatever people call them) is definitely needed underneath – for my tastes anyway, no bra showing here folks!!  I`m not sure if the floral design fits the `Japanese florals` look but I think it`ll pass : )  Of course, to show off this floral design, I could just wear this shirt with a blazer – the floral design is also on the front of the collar – when going out and if I`m indoors, I could just take that blazer off.   The colours of the floral design are colours I really like and they also go with a load of stuff I already have so I can wear the shirt with different trousers or jeans.   Plus it`s a relatively different kind of thing to the rest of the stuff in my wardrobe so that`s good too.  Such a decisive and worthwhile trip to the shops that was.  Although I also bought a pair of `blush` coloured tapered trousers and I`m not so sure about them.  Might have to take them back.  Overall though,  I came, I saw, I conquered.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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