Still no go with the floral dress

Girl, tell me where you

found your beautiful dress … and

share more info please!!

Correction of the correction of the last post!!

Well, to correct the last post, that girl in the “How to wear…” feature does not follow up her videos with an article. does have an article after all, as a follow-up to the video, and the dress she was wearing was 865 pounds.  Hahaha – definitely can`t afford that and If I had the money to spare I wouldn`t be spending it on a single item of clothing, no matter how nice.  I`ll be keeping my eye out on high street versions of it though.    She has a fashion article somewhere on the site though because I`ve seen comments from readers referring to it.  So nevermind.   I probably couldn`t afford that dress anyway.    I might have to take back the blouse I bought for a smaller size though and I`m definitely bringing back the trousers.  Sorry, I don`t mention brands on this site but the newspaper is the Guardian from the UK (ok I don`t mind giving the name of the newspaper because it`s such a good read, most of the time) so you`ll find it in the fashion part of the life and style section.  Though I don`t like that the clothes she picks are usually so expensive, I thought I`d let you see for yourselves and not hide the info (though in fairness, she did not keep the info on the dress from us for too long).

I best do some Japanese study from books today as I am fed up of reading stuff off computers – for example kanji quizzes.  It`s very hard on the eyes.  I have a bit of work to do first though so maybe later.

The autumn is definitely here with the brown and red leaves.    Beautiful.  I`d love to see Japan at this time of year.  Other places that do Autumn well, I believe, are New York and Boston and well probably most of Canada (places I really want to visit someday – Canada might be sooner rather than later).


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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