music video fuss

Gangnam /F5 style

who cares what it is called or

who likes it or not

So Japan does not see what the fuss is about with a certain music video by a south Korean dude that has gone viral.   Big deal.   Korean pop stars are usually big in Japan (and other things about Korea too, for example,  South Korean make up products are very popular with Japanese women I believe) but this one just hasn`t ticked the box.  This is just a drop in the Sea of Japan.   If Japan is so hated, why should South Korea care what they think of one act?   How long the popularity of this act will last who knows but I doubt the guy in the video is too worried!!  I`ve watched this video myself to see what the fuss is about and it`s seriously silly and shows a sense of humour from the South Koreans who are known for more serious business such as car making, electronics, the Seoul Olympics from 1988 and, unfortunately, deep-seated problems with Japan (I don`t know much about South Korea to be honest so maybe they are a humorous nation anyway but these things I`ve listed are most of what I know – oh and sorry I forgot delicious Korean food!!  I never mentioned that in my pan-Asian food relations post – sorry South Korea!!).

It seems the South Koreans are miffed at this music video snub (it only barely scraped the itunes top 30 in Japan) but come on, get over it.  And let`s not lose the sense of humour so evident in the video by making it a political issue either (as there are far more serious issues between the two neighbours).   Regarding the Japanese reaction though, people who keep making petty comments (calling it the F5 style due to suggestions that people in South Korea pressing f5 repeatedly to give it more hits on youtube or whatever) are just showing themselves as exactly that – petty.     It wouldn`t be such a bad thing if all they had to snipe at each other about was a music video but unfortunately there`s more to it under the surface.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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