Tokyo International Film Festival

T I F F is

almost over but go and 

have a look film fans

Ok I`m really stretching my haiku allowance there (I never said they`d be pretty).  So , I`ve just read about the Tokyo International Film Festival today.  It`s almost over unfortunately. Only 3 more days to go but if anyone is about, they should go see a picture or two.   The report I read on this was dated the 19th which was last Friday and I only `tuned into` this online newspaper today.  It`s much better than the other one I read but I still go without reading it for a while.

The films look interesting.   `The town of whales` which is mentioned,  but not described, will probably be about Japan`s controversial penchant for whale hunting.   Flashback Memories 3D also looks interesting.  Also, the guy who directed `I just didn`t do it` has his first fictional film (since that non-fictional one) out.    If you want to see a film about global waste, watch Trashed.    Thinking about how much plastic bags they get through in supermarkets in Japan (not just Japan, but worldwide but for the sake of this blog…) would make you think.   They have your stuff put in bags before you even get a chance to open your mouth to say `kekkou des` (no thanks, that`s fine) so you have to be quick!!  I don`t think they`ve brought in the ten cents (or however much yen) for a bag thing in Japan yet but I doubt it would make too much of a difference.  It doesn`t make that much difference to your bill so people still don`t care and even the most well-meaning grocery shoppers forget to bring their own shopping bags with them sometimes.

There is a Showa-era emphasis on this year`s festival, meaning films from 1926-89 and as Akira Kurosawa is one of Japan`s most famous film exports, one of his should be shown.   His fame helped kick off this festival 25 years ago so they probably owe a lot to him, if not others.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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