Shopping nostalgia…

Ode to browsing in

fabulous shops, small and big

… who could stay away?

So what are your fave shops in Japan?  Mine include Francfranc, Plaza, Loft,  Wego, Cutie Blond and yes Uniqlo too.  The branch of Uniqlo I remember from Sapporo never really had that much to shout about but I know it`s different in the bigger stores.    Others I visited on my way around Japan, or in Sapporo,and as much for window shopping as for shopping, were Vis, the Comme ça store, Zara (which I like wherever I may be!!), Benetton (this last mainly for work clothes as I find it kind of plain which my work environment required at the time.  I don`t usually shop there otherwise though I like their accessories and have a few Benetton scarves in various colours) and BeeZip which is in Osaka.  And yet others whose names I don`t recall but which kept me busy browsing (or buying).  I enjoy shopping as much for home-y stuff as for clothes and that`s why Francfranc and Plaza took up a lot of my browsing time.  Loft too I suppose has plenty to offer.  There was another shop in Parco which sold a mixture of clothes and household stuff – unbranded, according to the name, 無印良品.  Their household stuff was calmer stuff. It didn`t have the loudness of the other shops.  You could probably compare it to Habitat?  I liked habitat for the odd thing when it was around.  I tried to shop more in Japanese stores rather than foreign ones which happened to have branches in Japan.   I think I bought one thing in Zara the whole time I was there, the work stuff only in Benetton and pretty much nothing in Comme Ca!!  So much great choice in the Japanese shops.

That said, some of the stuff I see on-line and on women in films kind of baffles me.  It either makes Japanese women look older, or frumpy or something equally unflattering.   On the whole though, Japanese women as I`ve said elsewhere are quite stylish. They have lots of choice and great brands (or non-brands) to choose from.  If they can afford it, they also have well known fashion designers. I read in an article today that women in Japan do like their high brand handbags like Gucci, Fendi and so on.   I think I`ll stick to high street anyway thanks.  I can`t imagine being on a waiting list for a bag of any sort but that`s just me.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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