Fashion Week Tokyo…

… Not getting a lot

of attention I must say

Is your name the thing?

A fashion week carrying the name of a car company – no matter how fab their cars are – and sponsored by a logistics company (well partly sponsored) who also puts their name to the final award?  Hard to imagine people flocking to that if the name has any attraction.   I imagine the fashion world relies a bit on logistics (and probably cars too) but all the same… yawn.   Only 35 events but hey people still went according to reports and it`s getting more popular. One of the designers decided to a The Ring theme for his models.   You know that film with the girl with the long black hair who comes out of the telly and kills everyone? Scared the socks off me when I saw it.   That designer is quite cute by the way.   The girl who wrote the article I read about FWT has a blog and I`ve had a quick browse of that too.  It looks very colourful and vibrant and she seems to have the inside track pretty much pinned down.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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