Space, the final Japanese frontier….

Here`s a haiku I

should have put in earlier

– what is up with that!!

So, I watched another Japanese film last night.  It`s called Hayabusa.  When I found it I thought `Oh great, it`s that one with Ken Watanabe (and his one-time Tampopo co-star Tsutomu Yamazaki whose name I didn’t know right then, I’m just throwing it in now!)`.   The blog I posted before about actors in Japan who I thought had shibui status was prompted by the discussion of `shibui-ness` in a newspaper article and a photo of KW was included, promoting this film, produced earlier this year.   Prompting me to look it up because I had no idea Japan had ever done anything space-y like this.  I suppose you should expect it as Japan does have a great scientific/engineering reputation.

But then once I had watched a bit of it, I realised it was another Japanese production covering the same story of Japan`s poorly funded space programme, in particular a voyage into space by a Japanese probe/rocket (whatever, I don`t tune into this stuff much!!) named Hayabusa by the staff of the space centre.  Anyway, it was interesting enough with a decent amount of suspense to continue watching it and I thought it wouldn`t be fair to this production not to watch it just because it has no big names.   You don`t have to have that much of an interest in space either to sit through it.  After all I`ve seen Apollo 13, and of course the death in recent months of one of the most famous astronauts ever, gave me enough reason to watch a film about space from the Japanese side of things.

I wouldn`t be putting it on my list of greatest ever Japanese dramas but it`s decent stuff all the same.

I just realised this is my 50th post since I started – yaaaay.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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