Japanese florals – tried and tested

My floral blouse has

according to me at least

been worth the expense.


Actually, the Japanese florals-type blouse I bought recently was not that expensive but still.  I wore it today under the eyelash sweater I had in mind to wear it under and I was happy with the look.   That`s one outfit I know works with this blouse.  Must try it with something else soon though it`s getting a bit cold just to wear it under a blazer – one of my other ideas.  Might have to keep the blouse and blazer look for a party I have at home or something.  Apart from the weather preventing me from trying this look outdoors, I bought a new coat today which I had been eyeing in the shops last week but was humming and hawing about because of the damn cost.  Anyway, I thought what the hell and decided to go and buy it because knowing me and my coats, I will get a lot of wear out of it over the next few years and longer so it`s worth it.   Coats are always a big buy so you have to be sure you like a coat if you`re going to pay more for it than you would normally like.    And I really did like this coat so, like I said, what the hell.  I know it`s going to be worth it.   That`s it though.  No more buying until Christmas!!   Though if I can find those cute socks I saw on another girls blog, I might stretch the `penneys` to buy them.  haha : )


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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