Theatre, film and design news

T/F this year aims

to embrace fellow Asian

theatre acts – great!!

An annual theatre festival in Tokyo called Festival/Tokyo is hosting theatre works this year from both Japan and across Asia.   Good look to them!!

Elsewhere in the world of Japanese culture, one of Japan`s most famous designers, Issey Miyake, is pushing for a national design museum.  I`m surprised they don`t have one by now – which also surprises Miyake and other folks concerned with not just fashion but art and so on – but alas that is true.   I hope they succeed.   I`ll definitely pop along when it`s opened.  I`ve only been to one museum in Tokyo which was the Tokyo Edo museum.   Quite an interesting place.  Of course I`ve been to others in other parts of Japan, but only that one in Tokyo.  It`s right by the national sumo stadium actually and when I was there, sumo was under the national spotlight for corruption so there were television cameras everywhere outside.   Very exciting.

I watched Grave of the Fireflies last night.   Great film which I`ve seen before but due to having no subtitles that first time I decided I`d watch it again another time with subtitles.  The subtitles help a good bit. It`s such a great film, about the effects of war on two siblings and also how it turns people bad (their relative).  I can`t believe I never thought of that when compiling my list of recommended Japanese films.   Anyway, I`ll add it to that page now.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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