tick tock things begin to clock

Exactly one month

to go to the big day for


kachi kachi.  Good news is I`m going well study wise and am growing more confident by the day.     Hopefully nothing will happen to stress me and put me off-track on the day.   Until then, I`ve a bit more revision to do.    I do enjoy self-study though – with the occasional help from Japanese pals on those grammar points that I just can`t pin down – as there`s nothing more satisfying than working on a grammar point and clocking what it means in the right context `Oh that`s how that woooorks  okay!!`  The kanji site I use really helps out in that regard as the grammar points are in context in the sentences with the kanji you give the reading for.   Killing two birds with one stone.   Confirming what you think you have just worked out with a native speaking pal who gives it the nod is an important bit too.

Good luck to anyone reading this who`s planning to sit this test at any level. 


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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