Wine – rice or grapes?

Wine, nouveau or not,

is gaining ground in Japan,

the grape sort I mean..

… as we all know rice wine – sake – is already one of the great things associated with Japan.   Not that I`m an expert but I did like the sake  I tasted once or twice while in Japan…. More about sake in a bit.

The wine we are more familiar with though, outside of Japan, is gaining a more serious reputation there, as reported in an article I read just today.   A recent wine festival in Yamanashi (the Yamanashi Nouveau Wine Festival) pulled in a lot of revellers and it`s really beginning to be taken seriously as an industry in Japan now, even though varieties of Bordeaux wine have been grown since the 80s.    It`s really only taking off now. Happily, to me anyway, Hokkaido is being touted as one of the most exciting place to cultivate wine.  Anything `exciting` I hear about Hokkaido is always cool.  Yet another reason to head back there.

Of course Sake, the traditional rice wine of Japan will always be around and various festivals and events around that also go on all the time.   An interesting blog I linked to through this article – Tokyo through the drinking glass – explores the sake culture in Japan.   Very good blog.  I only had sake once or twice while in Japan the first time so I wouldn`t know a good sake from a bad one.  This blog would probably help me so I`ll check it out in more detail later on (and get more sake drinking in the next time – first up a sake cocktail!!).  Anyone who wants a good insight into sake should check this out : )

Wine is something I would only occasionally drink anyway.   I prefer red to white (the latter gives me a real headache-y hangover) but it depends on what I`m eating or where I am.   I`d rarely drink wine in a pub but of course I would in a restaurant.    After this JLPT exam  next month who knows I might need some alcohol but I wouldn`t mind drinking sake just for the day that`s in it so I might seek out the nearest Japanese restaurant and avail of their lovely rice wine!!


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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