Senkaku Islands connected to France? Surely not.

1 week and 4 days

is all that is left in the

run up to test day

I could still probably work on my aural stuff but I think the grammar is just about ok.   I`ve been tuning into various J-dramas but most of them are just lame.  I`ve found a few nice ones though so stick to them.  As well as the few films I have come across.  I should really practice specific JLPT listening tests but I don`t think it`s hugely important as long as my ears have been tuned into Japanese over the last few months which they have been.

On to other stuff, it`s interesting how people end up finding this page.    Most of the time, people won`t find what they`re looking for here on my page given the results I have seen (and thank god for that!!).

Back to Japanese matters, I read an article in a French online newspaper yesterday – well less of an article more of an opinion piece from the Japanese ambassador to France actually, enforcing the point that the Senkaku Islands belong to Japan.  A comment by a reader at the end pointed out that in fact they belong neither to Japan nor China but to France!!  From the 18th century.  Well, if you say so. I  was actually going to look it up but then I thought `naaaah` because I have done previous research on French colonialism and how far it got.  I`m pretty sure it doesn`t stretch to any islands around China/Japan but then again I didn`t go as far back as the 18th century.    This person probably made this point because he/she is aware that France`s once great empire has long since fallen and language wise nowadays it`s not up to much either.   English, Spanish and the BRIC languages (which include Chinese, Russian, Hindu from India and Portuguese from Brazil) have more of an influence around the world (I think I`ll stick with my Japanese though).  French is still important in the EU I suppose.  Anyway, I don`t think the French government will be making too much of a fuss over these islands (they`d also be messing with America in this sense and they`re kind of friendly them these days, correct me if I`m wrong, and won`t want to mess that up).


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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