Time for some music methinks

Oh to japanese

music that`s not that j-pop

stuff (how horrendous)

Well, I know it`s not horrendous to a lot of people in Japan, including gaijin, but it is to me.   Especially when it affects my j-drama watching.  Now I briefly mentioned j-dramas in the last post saying they were mostly lame.  A few of them are ok though. However, when this j-pop comes up just as a scene is about to end, that annoys me.   Please let me listen to what they`re saying even if it is slightly silly.   Are the makers of these programs trying to tell us something or what? Maybe `That`s enough of that show let`s drown out this awful dialogue with some saccharine pop music!!`.
J-pop and its various idols tend to dominate music in Japan – even their singers can be seen in various movies now – so indie stuff and other kind of music doesn`t get as much attention as it should.  There was one band called the Electric Eels, a kind of mad little group that toured my part of the world once and I went to see them.  They`re the only Japanese band I have ever seen play.  Then last year I was browsing on youtube and I found a band who had written a protest song about the government`s reaction to the Tohoku disaster.  They`re called the Flying Dutchman.  They seemed ok, if a little angry (not just about that issue but generally). I found some guy on Youtube today that has been around since the early 2000s.  Why did I only hear of him today???  In 2012.  Anyway, he`s great so I plan to make up for lost time.  Interesting themes, catchy sounds with quirky videos.  The guy himself is very good looking too.   I don`t mean to sound shallow but I`m getting on to the topic of the `ekime` in Japan – so called hot guys (or is it`ikime` – I can`t remember, must look it up).  Well some of the guys I `ve seen described as ekimes are a bit girly looking to me, and like they`re wearing loads of make-up and spend way too long grooming themselves.  This guy is frail enough looking but not in the same way.
So yeah, I`ve never gotten into J-pop – no surprise as I only listen to any kind of pop if it`s on the radio, I never really buy it or have bought it – and I really cannot stand a certain group with four letters in its name that`s an acronym of SPAM who I saw on telly way too much while I was in Japan, but am always willing to listen to other types of music so I must now go check out more songs from that guy I found today – Shugo Tokumaru is his name by the way.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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