J-day coming up

One week left to the

exam but  2 months and some

to the result day.

So one week left to the JLPT exam.  You don`t hear until at least February how you did in it which is a pain.   As if January wasn`t miserable enough without waiting for an exam result!!  It feels like I`m back at college again.   Oh well, I have to say studying for this has reignited my interest in studying so that can only be a good thing.   Self-study has been rewarding and I am proving that I can do it.    Of course not having to share study time with other languages or anything else is a help as I have been able to dedicate the time to it.  I`m learning more vocab and refreshing the `old` vocab, as well as getting clarity on certain grammar points.  As I mentioned, watching the odd J-drama or the odd film has helped me tune in aurally.  As soon as I get my results, I`ll start studying for the next level.   I`m nervous about next week but I do think I`ll pass this level and will be able to move onto jlpt 2 next year – coming to get you level 2!!  In any case, 頑張る!!

Apart from that, I see that someone found my blog when looking for info on the Ainu language.  I hope it was of help to you : )


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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