jlpt – grrrr

Exam has come and

gone and I did not do  great –

 N3 next year too?

Well, level 3 test day has come and gone and I need not bother thinking about N2 next year because if I do this test again, it will be to try level 3 once more.    Tougher than I expected and I didn`t manage my time so well.  I was also reminded of how much I hate listening tests.   Had to guess a few answers because I was in a hurry.  The trial run I did the previous Sunday made me venture a few guesses too but in that case I had more time to spare and I really did not know the grammar that time.  I caught up on that grammar straight afterwards.  On the day itself, it was a matter of `oh just put something down because the time is literally up`.   Hopefully, some of my guesses will have been right though as they were during the dummy run.   One thing I was slightly relieved by was the fact I met two people who said they did level 3 last year and didn`t pass it so they decided to try it again this year …. and they were teachers of Japanese.  So if they have a hard time at level 3 then it is ok for non-teachers like me studying by themselves!!  I hope I don`t look bad by saying that but I`m sure you catch my drift.  That said, they said they didn`t study much for it the previous year which is probably why they did badly at it (they were probably a bit complacent?) and they said they learned their lesson and studied for it more this year, but even so being teachers and not doing so well in it takes the pressure off us non-teachers.  Anyway, I`m so glad I didn`t choose level 2 after all.  That would have been a definite waste of 60 euros.

It turns out too that it`s March and not February when we get the results.   Even worse.  If it`s all computerised, why take so long to calculate the results?   It also gives you one less month to study for either the same level again or the next one you want to do.   There weren`t that many people there.  Well about 25 people did level 3 from the amount of desks in the room itself and the rest of the people I saw waiting made up a mixture of the other levels.   Speaking of which, some serious looking dudes there.  I bet they were doing the upper levels 2 and 1.

Oh well, to next year!!


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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