Biei a place

I shoulda gone as I was

so damn close – oh man!!

I blame Furano.  Being so obsessed with finding a field that was full of blooming flowers so early in the season and then just deciding to head back to Sapporo with my disappointment (accommodation was hard to come by as well out there).  Still, just looking at this photo below (taken by a Japanese photographer by the name of Kent Shiraishi) makes me calm down.  I actually pictured this before my Japanese exam the other day to do just that.  Ironic  that I would pick such a picture considering I hoped my brain wouldn`t freeze on the day.  It did work for a while to stay calm, though that went out the window (to the cold, not remotely pretty university campus) when I realized I was losing time in my reading comprehensions.   Yikes!!



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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