No tarts here

Antarctica, a

place full of heroic feats

not just by humans

Ok I`m back to the wonderful husky dogs – from Hokkaido – of that film Antarctica or Nankyoku Monogatari (the name of the film in Japanese – a South Pole Story).   Seeing as I`m talking about all things cold today.  It`s not that I`m running out of ideas or anything.  I just felt like watching the film again last night and advertising it for those who have just come by my blog and haven`t read my previous post (which I have made a couple of small adjustments to – I do find Antartica easier to pronounce than the correct Antarctica but still, if we could all spell things how we think they should be written there might be trouble!!).

The guy who did the theme music is the same guy who wrote that famous piece for Chariots of Fire (well the whole soundtrack I suppose but you know the main tune right?  Fantastic – do do do do do dooo do do do do doooo….)

Here`s a poster for ye (courtesy of Wikipedia again):



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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