Ran is just one of

Kurosawa`s hits,

King Lear in Japan

So yeah, I bought Ran today.  Been trying to find it on the cheap i.e. free online to download but no luck.  Not that it`s not worth paying for.  It is a classic after all.   Looking forward to watching it.  I have only seen King Lear on tv. I haven`t studied the play but I have read a bit of it (for work purposes).   I thought it was ok so I was wondering if I should buy Ran –  as it`s a Japanese telling of King Lear with samurai and the whole lot – if I thought King Lear was merely ok.   But I thought oh what the hell.  This dvd might not be here tomorrow so I might as well buy it now and also it would be interesting to see the Japanese take, especially Kurosawa`s take, on Shakespeare (Blood Throne is another Japanese take on a Shakespeare work).  I do feel better when I actually buy dvds.   This isn`t going to be a sermon about getting stuff free online from whatever kind of film sites.   If I like the director, I want to thank him or her by spending a bit of money on his or her films, especially the better ones and especially if they`re not going to be playing at the local cinema (or if they did but 50 years ago or something).   I don`t bother buying music anymore as I can get it all on youtube or other sites – like spotify or deezer – but I still regularly buy films.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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