xmas in Japan

Xmas in Japan

Probably commercial but

not as mad as here!!

Well, I was doing my Christmas shopping over the last two days and I swear it drove me up the wall, all the crowds, repetitive Christmas songs (though there are a few I really like), hyper children all over the place, trying to decide on satisfactory presents (so when people say `oh you shouldn`t have` they really mean it out of humbleness and gratitude, not in a `You REALLY shouldn`t have` kind of way).   All this while trying to shake off a cold.  I really started to develop very unseasonly feelings towards fellow shoppers!!  Grrr!! I wonder if it gets this crazy in Japan.   I don`t mean the bigger cities like Tokyo or Osaka but in lesser-known cities and out in the country.   I`ve never spent xmas in Japan so I don`t know.   Though it`s without a doubt commercial, I imagine it`s not as crazy as it is in the western world (though, depending on the country, it`s not necessarily crazy.  I like the sound of the Italian Christmas traditions actually because they`re quite understated from what I`ve heard).  I have spent Christmas in a neighbouring Asian country which was quite commercial for the kids but the adults did not get into it as much.   Though I found that refreshing at first, it hit me on Christmas day that I wasn`t at home and I really missed the traditions involved with being with family and I even missed the craziness and the never ending Christmas music, but I especially missed the christmas dinner with the turkey and ham and the Christmas cracker with their very unfunny jokes and other contents which are sometimes baffling but sometimes actually useful.    I`m not a church goer but I even like the actual holy songs sung at Christmas and not just the ones played on mainstream radio and tv (one song which mixes a traditional holy song with pop music is Bony M`s song – is it Born on Christmas Day?  That`s great!!).   To be honest, I think I`d be torn between staying or going home for the week.    I`ve also heard that Christmas in Japan is very special for couples.    I don`t know what that`s about.   I mean I know the most famously spurned couple in the world found the stable where the most famous baby known was born but it`s really about the baby and not the couple.  Yes, I see the irony of that statement.   Anyway, different strokes for different folks (or to give the Japanese equivalent  – 10 people, 10 colours). I suppose.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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