Haiku reflections on Japan

決心 – (New Year) resolutions

5 days into the

new year and I see I need

to do some reading…

… work in Japanese.    And keep up the grammar.   That`s one resolution I hope to stick to.  Whether I`ve passed this JLPT test or not. I`ve already started working on that so that`s one resolution kicked off.

Another one I have is learning to drive.  I`ve also taken the first step in that, through booking the theory test.   I`ve had the theory book for the last 5 or 6 months and I`ve done nothing about it so I said ok it`s the new year.  I have to tackle this.   So my theory test is for next week – the sooner the better or I`ll change my mind again.   Most of it is common sense as I have learned going through the book . Yep, I have gone through most of it (so I`m not just studying it now!!) but I was just too lazy to book the test and start the driving lessons.  Being able to drive and having a licence is important I think.  If I plan to move abroad, whether to Japan or elsewhere (but in Japan they drive on the same side of the road so that might add an element of ease… or not depending on the drivers!!), I want to be independent and be able to at least hire rental cars even if I don`t buy a car itself.  Plus it`s always good for emergencies, wherever you are.   I hate relying too much on people too, as well as on rural bus networks where I am now. Nope, the sooner I learn to drive the better.  Living in cities which I have done for years, you kind of get lazy about learning to drive because you don`t think you`ll need it and it`s such a pain driving in the city as most people report.  Then when you go abroad for holidays, you might have better transport systems to depend on.    That said, having the option to rent a car is an added plus really.  So here`s to a driving licence in 6/7 months time!!

Anyone got any resolutions, Japan-related or otherwise, that they want to kick off??


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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