A new-ish leader but a new leaf?

Sorry but I think

I should hold off on any

haiku, don`t you think?

For this man I`m about to talk about anyway.  It might not be appropriate.  Late into last year Shinzo Abe was elected as prime minister for a second time.   They go through prime ministers pretty quickly in Japan but they must have got fed up of trying to find someone new because this guy has been PM before.  He`s said to be a hardliner, ultra-conservative, non-apologetic about Japan`s past.  Pretty minted too.  He sounds a bit like a certain conservative and minted presidential candidate in the US last year, except Abe has actually managed to get elected not once but twice to govern his country.  He was was Prime Minister before, in 2006/2007, but resigned for `health` reasons.    Would I still go to Japan with someone like him in power?  Yeah I would of course.   Unless he cuts the level of immigrants allowed into Japan of course (yikes).    Even considering that, they`d probably have another person in the position anyway by the time I eventually got there so I wouldn`t worry too much.

The last time I was in Japan, my only exposure to the far right was seeing a politicking van along Odori in Sapporo.   A black van with the Japanese flag emblazoned on the sides and a loudspeaker emitting what these people like to reel off at these times.   I sniggered to myself at the time as, at first sight, the van reminded me of the van used by a fictional group of eccentric heroes on TV from when I was young (even so you might think`how on earth did you think of that??!!`) except of course the characters in the show were not at all like the occupants of this van (though the latter may be heroes of sorts to certain Japanese) and the red colour emblazoned on the van was of a different shape.   I also gave it a silly nickname for my own amusement.  So good luck Japan with this guy in charge.    You`ll need it for the most part.  Let`s hope he has things on his `things to do` list that are peace-making (with the neighbours), rehabilitative (tohoku region) and of course …. immigration-friendly : )  Not just in spirit but in action.  The first one looks unlikely unfortunately, but the other two are less impossible.

Despite regularly reading newspapers from Japan, I feel I must be out of touch with what it is really like in Japan now because it must be bad for such a conservative hardliner to get elected by the Diet a second time.  Right?


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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