Memrise is changing

to show how much you help your

fellow learners…

Now you get an idea how many people appreciate your mems and also what your most popular mems are.   A `+ number` (e.g. + 1,2,3 etc) comes up underneath the green thumbs up to show you this.   Even if it`s a small number, it`s nice to see that someone out there is benefiting from your mems.   There are some bugs in the system though and that is not just confined to technical problems on the site.

Speaking of bugs, the Japanese deputy Prime Minister seems to think that the elderly are bugs, of a sort.  In that they are irritants that are preventing growth, ie. the growth of the economy because so much money goes into keeping them alive.   This guy sounds like a right piece of work, even more so than the actual Prime Minister.    He said that saying `let them die` was just a personal opinion because if he was on life support or in bad need of medicine himself, he`d direct his family to turn off the switch on him, or not pay for his healthcare so he`d just die.      Hmmm.   Anyone in hospital deserves to be cared for for as long as possible.  Sending them home to their family (if they have any and many don`t) would not be any better.  It`s very sad to think of an old person being brought home and being left in bed or in a chair to do nothing all day but think about when they`re going to die.  It`s really hard to believe that Japan`s population is so old.    It`s such a vibrant country generally.   When I was there, I can`t say I noticed that many elderly.   But neither did I see lots of people pushing buggies around or  out walking with children which means that people really aren`t having that many babies.   On Saturdays of course, various mothers and babies/children used the playground, but really not that much.  Anyway, this guy Aso has made a lot of gaffs when making speeches, insulting not just old people but people with Alzheimers for example.    I think he was actually Prime Minister himself at one stage.   They really know how to pick them.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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