A history denied.

To the women who

suffered from the worst of it

during World War II

Well, it might seem a bit odd or insensitive that I am putting this in a while after professing my appreciation of Tora! Tora! Tora! but I do not mean to be insensitive at all.

This comes from an article I read in an online Japanese newspaper yesterday about the New York Senate passing legislation to honour a monument that marks women victims of the Japanese army during World War II.  The comfort women were women around Asia and the Pacific countries who were forced into prostitution by this army.    Certain Japanese politicians continue to deny this including the latest Prime Minister Abe.  No surprise there you might say.  This must be a kick in the teeth for those women who are still alive but no doubt still suffering psychologically and physically from this forced prostitution.   I hope no one reading this is offended by my posts but this is a blog about my appreciation of Japan and I believe that any films, whether fictional or based on fact, I profess to appreciate (enjoy is too strong a word in some cases) are still just films and it does not mean I am blind to the negative sides of Japan`s history – or present negative aspects.  Every country has a side to its history /present state that is shameful while the country itself – and its ordinary Joes/Joannes – may be lovely in many ways.  There will always be politicians who want to whitewash history and present it as they like.    What to do with these people – perhaps make sure they are not given a second term (too late in the case of Abe) and if that`s not possible, shame them as much as possible.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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