The Pop Industry in Japan

The lengths someone will

go to to prove their regret

can be seen right there..

… on youtube.   A member of a girl band in Japan has shorn her hair and apologized in an online video, to her fans and her management agency for breaking the rules about having boyfriends.  Not just having one but in her case going to see him and… gasp!! spending the night!!    So for this she has decided to shave her head and then apologize in a public video.  I read about this online.  I`m curious now so I think I`ll go check out the video.  Though there was one girl band I liked when I was a teenager, I generally stuck to rock and indie music.   Generally I don`t think much of boy/girl bands.  Most of the members have no talent at all and say what they are trained to say.   I think this girl band with the newly shorn `baddie` and most other boybands and girlbands (not just in Asia but anywhere) are pure silliness – the band I like to call SPAM are one of these even though the members are no longer boys and I assume are no longer unblemished.  Only thing is now they clog up the tv screens in other ways (get it – spam??).  But they have an audience, they make millions and are very popular, especially in other parts of Asia, mainly China and Korea.   Also, the actor who played Saigo in Letters from Iwo Jima used to be in a boyband – girls in Japan go nuts over him apparently – and he put in a fine performance so at least he`s getting somewhere (though that was 7 years ago, who knows what he`s doing now).   To his fans though, he`ll probably always be their boyband `love`.

Most of us know, even if we proclaim not to be interested, that members of boybands and girlbands are subject to various rules about their image in order to appear dedicated to their fans and maybe also to appear `pure` and unblemished.    But this is taking the ビスケット (the biscuit).  It appears they are ultra strict about it in Japan.  Her management agency has demoted her to a lower level member of the band.  Seriously?? Demoted???  No doubt some eager young girl in the junior ranks is ready to take her place among the `seniors` of the band (she`s only 22 I think) while she moves back to the juniors.   They are ultra conservative it seems in this industry.   When some guy was photographed with his hand on some other girl band member`s breasts a while ago, the publishers had to destroy all the copies it was about to send out to the shops!!    Apart from that, I had no idea it was common for people in Japan to shave their head as part of a public apology whoever does it but you can be sure you wouldn`t get anyone doing that in a girlband over here!!   Women I think are more attached to their hair – figuratively I mean : P – so it must have been hard for her.   Even so …

… given my cynicism of the pop industry and its dubious nature, maybe it`s just a publicity stunt to get recognition for the band outside Japan?   Maybe they see that guy from Korea and are thinking `damn we have to catch up with this guy!`.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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