Snowdori Park

Ode to snow forms big

and small in Sapporo`s blocks-

long park – (sn)Odori.

I haven`t put a picture up in a while so, seeing as Sapporo`s Snow Festival has just kicked off as it does this time of year, I thought I`d add my own photographic memory to the blog.   Taken with my pre-digital camera – and I still remember the funny look I got from the person who took a picture of me in front of one of the sculptures – built yearly by members of the self-defense forces.   Who I assume don`t have much else to do.  Thankfully really because they`re often needed for disasters or issues with the neighbours – not that they can do much there – so building these may be a bit of a relief!!  By the way Asahikawa also has a winter festival for those of you who don`t know.    Most sections of this park are taken up with these sculptures but there`s also a section with an artificial ski-jump.  There was when I was there anyway.

I think the contrast between the snowy sculpture of the ancient Taj Mahal and the modern Japanese office block is interesting.



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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