Two more good literary finds – I hope

Yoko Agawa

good to meet you I hope and

Mo Yan hello too

So I have eventually gotten around to buying Mo Yan, the guy who won the 2012 Noble Prize for Literature and beating, among others, Haruki Murakami who I have mentioned I was getting a bit tired of reading.   I found two of his works in Waterstones today – The Garlic Ballads and Red Sorghum – and I was torn between the two but in the end went for Red Sorghum.  Hope it`s good.

As for my latest find in Japanese authors, I also found an author Yoko Agawa.    Whom I found handily enough near Mo Yan – as the books are in alphabetical order by author haha : )  How lucky.   I had been hoping to find another of Yasunari Kawabata`s books but no luck.   Oh well at least I have found another author to read and it`s a woman too.  Apart from the female authors I know from the Japanese short story world, I haven`t yet read a full novel by a female Japanese author.  It`s nice to keep the gender balance healthy on my bookshelf.

I tried an independent bookshop for a Kawabata novel but as I had already bought the other two books by then, I didn`t mind so much not finding one.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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