Turtles and prosthetics

What a heart warming

picture of scientific

good deeds, are Y(o)u chuffed??

I am.  See what you can do with an old surf suit!!  This loggerhead turtle, 25 year old Yu, has been fitted with prosthethic limbs by scientists in Kobe.    She had a bad run in with a shark and lost both her front limbs in the attack.  This is a photo I pulled from Japan Press courtesy of Google.  I originally saw the video of it on the Guardian website.  She looks chuffed to me … right?

Yu the loggerhead turtle

Yu the loggerhead turtle

Speaking of other heartwarming things, I`ve finished reading The Professor and The Housekeeper which is a very heartwarming story.   I`m onto Mo Yan`s book now and it`s far from heartwarming – there`s all the brutality of the shark that you imagine attacked poor Yu and a lot of it perpetrated by the Japanese – though believe it or not it does have its tender moments as I`ve seen so far (though not by the Japanese).


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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