Tokyo International Literary Festival

Oh how I`d like to

attend this festival of

books … maybe next year?

So this is Japan`s first international literature festival, quite surprising for Japan really.   To not have had one before.  I`m sure they have lots of national ones though right?   Anyway, it`s on from the 1st of March to the 3rd of March at various locations around Tokyo so if you`re around and you`re a bit of bookworm go along.   I would if I was there so I hope they make it an annual event.  Look up more details at the Time Out Japan webpage.

One novelist,  Ishii Shinji, is performing a live-write of a piece of literature so he`s going to write a novel or short story on the spot at one of the locations, the location being a fully hired out tram car.   I`d love to see a writer live-write.   I`ve read one of this guy`s short stories 肉屋オウム and it`s pretty quirky.  It seems he does this thing a lot.  Looks like he likes a challenge!!

Speaking of literature, I looked up and watched that film Red Sorghum based on the novel by Mo Yan.  It was just ok.  I can understand that there was so much detail in the novel and the book went back and forth time-wise so it would have been difficult to fit everything into the film but, all the same, I think it could have been better.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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