No amour for dear

Emmanuèle Riva that`s

for sure but that was…

…not the worst of the Oscars, by a long shot. I`m not saying that she should have gotten the Oscar just for being 86 years old (on the night).   Or that, at the other end of the spectrum, the cute 8 year old from Beasts of the Southern Wild should have got it due to being the youngest ever nominee for best actress, but unlike the person who did get it, Emmanuèle Riva will probably not get another chance to win an award.  And she`s class along with her performance from what I see in clips of the film.   Not to take away from the winner whose film I haven`t seen (but am not that pushed about either).  She seems like a talented person (her male co-star not so much) and very likeable.   Unlike another actress who was there last night who really should give up the sulky look.  It`s getting a bit tired.  It was kind of funny (but not in a bad way) seeing the winner trip on the stairs after Jean Dujardin had introduced the nominees by saying something about actresses being, among other things, graceful!!  Obviously she was in such a hurry to get on the stage, or should I say her dress was because it was her dress she tripped over.

I`m going to see the film Amour, which stars Ms Riva.  It looks good.  At least Michael Haneke got something for the screen play for it (he directed it also).   When I heard that name Emmanuèle Riva, it seemed so familiar to me but I couldn`t think what film she was in.  Then when it was mentioned at some point, it clicked.  Hiroshima mon amour (I wouldn`t mind but the title features the word amour as well!!) is a very good film from the 1950s.  I saw it about a year ago.   Check it out.  I wonder if her Japanese co-star is still alive.

Here`s a Hiroshima mon amour film poster from Wikipedia:



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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