A few words on a court case if I may…

Well, I`ve heard a bit on the radio from the courtcase of a young American accused of murdering a young Irish university student in Tokyo last year.   I prefer to hear reports on the radio as you`re usually hearing the facts straight from the courtcase, unlike newspapers which might be sensationalizing.  It`s really tragic and  he is beyond belief, as we are gradually learning.   As for his family,  I don`t like how they and his neighbourhood are playing the `nice Baptist boy` card (if that is true, that bit I got from the newspaper).  Well his actions weren`t very `nice (any religion) boy` and they should be ashamed of what they have raised (yeah, not `who` but `what`).    Next they`ll be saying `but success did this to him` (I assume dancing for a big star allows for him to be called successful) with all its trappings.  Ah no, it didn`t.  He turned into what he turned into by himself.   If he hadn`t met this girl, it may well have been another girl the following night.   I hear they are doing a bit of fundraising.  Is that for  this girl`s family (well what good is money to them?)  or for their flights over to see him in prison?   I hope he gets what he deserves, the little s***.    Wanting to have his way with someone who is clearly out of it is just undescribably vile (and of course he`s not the first person to do this so this is my general opinion on that kind of behaviour) and the reason she was out of it was because of the date rape drug that was slipped into her drink at some point of the night.

I hope this case doesn`t get caught up in politics between Japan and America.   As in, Japan might go easy on him because he`s a young foreigner who happens to be American.  `Give the judges some credit` you might say.  Well yeah I agree and I do (and the few members of the lay jury too if I`m remembering correctly the type of jury they use) but sometimes politicians interfere and that`s that.   He is a person who, it is gradually being proven in court, took the life of another.   Enough said.

All said, I don`t approve of the racial comments I see on online newspaper comment boards.   Inciting racial hatred is another kind of low and is not going to help people who are in Japan and happen to be black and perfectly decent.   The moderators should not be allowing this either.   You can be a little s*** of any race, background, sexual orientation (men are victims of rape, murder too).   Now, I know I mentioned the fact that his background is Baptist but that is only to point out that the family should NOT be implying that because a person is such and such a religion (or that he played the piano in church?? Big deal) that they are less likely to commit murder or rape or anything else.  People who say `one of ours would never do that` or `that wouldn`t happen here` are slightly out of touch with reality.

I hope the girl`s family get  justice for their daughter.




Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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