Haiku reflections on Japan


Blossoms vs. All-Blacks

for world cup hosting,  oh and

wooden spoon shockers

Watched Ireland lose yet another lead yesterday – to draw with France who seem to have gone to pot generally, and  who look the most likely to get the wooden spoon.   Sport can be very unpredictable.  France have always been one of my favourite rugby teams, apart from my own of course, but what is happening to them?

The Japanese team are called the Brave Blossoms.  An interesting juxtaposition going on there.   I believe Japan lost out to New Zealand for the right to host the world cup in 2011.   New Zealand – one of my favourite countries out of all those I`ve visited.   Definitely in my top five for beautiful scenery, friendly people, lovely cities – Wellington and Dunedin probably my favourites – great culture, and of course the All-Blacks need no introduction.  But I think if the powers to be in rugby were serious about promoting rugby elsewhere (I think it`s pretty much established in NZ don`t you think?), they should have given it to Japan.   I don`t actually know who else was in the running but Japan, out of all the non-traditional rugby spots, would have been financially able for it at least and have a history of hosting sporting events – recently and historically.  They co-hosted the world cup back in 2002 and are currently in the running for the Olympics for Tokyo in 2020 (Tokyo had the Olympics back in 1964 as well).   That year`s rugby World Cup would have been a good in-between tournament.   Oh well not to be.   They now have time, plenty of it to work on the recovery from the March 2011 disasters, and ease relations with their neighbours.  Of course New Zealand suffered a serious earthquake, in Christchurch, a month before the triple disaster in Japan, but you don`t hear as much about that, probably because it wasn`t  accompanied by a nuclear problem or a tsunami.

I`ve just done a bit of research and it seems Japan will be hosting the 2019 World Cup so they do get their in-between tournament after all, even it if`s only one year before the 2020 Olympics, if they even get that.  I`ve had to edit this post to reflect that.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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