From one drama to another

So France it was that

ended up getting the spoon

Sacre bleu what next!!

It`s been a long while since they got La Cuillère de Bois.  I think someone said they got it when the 6 nations was still the 5 nations (sans Italy).  I guess this `reward` keeps all these egos on their toes -not necessarily French egos but egos from any of the teams, though especially Ireland who were the next most (un)likely team to end up with it.  Not a bad thing in sport.

Anyway, excuse my slightly off-topic intro there – I just wanted to report on the result of something I was talking about when I referred to Japanese rugby a few posts back – and let`s move onto theatre of another sort (sorry to use that overused cliché about sport being a theatre but it is really – it`s full of clichés too!!).  I was reading an article today in one of the online newspapers about an expat in Tokyo who designs costumes for English-speaking children`s theatre in Tokyo.   Definitely a job I wouldn`t say no to (well if I was in any way able to design clothes and costumes which I`m not – I can sew buttons though and am kind of familiar with a sewing machine!!).  What a great job.  Actually, this person started out teaching English when she first went to Japan, as do many native English speakers, but this is way better in my mind.   I didn`t teach English in Japan but I got a job in which I was able to speak a lot of Japanese every day (unlike ALTs I knew in Japan at that time) so that was cool.   I would definitely prefer a more creative job though (that job I had was definitely not in a creative environment)  if I ever happened to return to Japan.

Talking about another kind of drama, in the line of classical music, Japan is one of many countries celebrating the bicentenary of the births of Wagner and Verdi.   I like to listen to classical music now and then and though I`m a bit annoyed at the choice of presenters hired to present some of the shows on my fave classical music station, I have a couple of favourite presenters and favourite shows.    I don`t know of any well-known conductors from Japan though, from the present or since Japan opened up to the world  – any one like to enlighten me?   I actually visited Verdi`s place of birth in Italy when I went there once.   Just to see something different from the usual sights.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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