Media lows

Bad taste I think on

the part of this newspaper`s 

weekend review

Going briefly back to the murder case with the American guy and the murdered Irish girl.  With the court case over now, her family have been reported as saying they do not want to hear his name again.   But what does one of the two biggest broadsheet newspapers back in アイルランド do this weekend?   Publish a special story in their saturday review supplement on the (now convicted) `nice Baptist boy`!!   How insensitive!!   This just shows you the lows that some media outlets will go to in order to get a story.   I don`t think much of this newspaper as it happens (you should see the crap they produce in their Sunday supplements) but it`s bought in our household unfortunately.  I hope the family, who are now back home, don`t read this newspaper because they won`t have wanted to see his mug in the papers so soon especially back home, given their wish not to see him or hear of him again.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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